Who I am: A journalist who’s finally settling down for a while, as a general assignment reporter at the Daily Times Herald in Carroll, Iowa. I graduated from Ohio University in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in Spanish. I’ve worked at newspapers in Phoenix, Jerusalem and several other cities (more details on my resume page). I am also a Christian, a recovering coffee addict and a recovering vegetarian. I love elephants, traveling, photography, sunflowers, grits, old books, smiles, bouncy balls, playing the violin, the color blue and Josh Groban. I’m a fast talker, a slow eater and I can’t answer questions in the morning. I shaved my head to raise money for children’s cancer research when I was 13, and two of the best hours of my life were spent standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a man performing open-heart surgery. One of my life goals is to write an article about elephants for every newspaper that employs me (so far, I have!).

Who I’m not: An author, although there is one out there with the same name.

•For an up-to-date list of where I’ve worked and what I’ve done, visit my Resume page.

•For examples of my written work, visit my Portfolio page.

•For samples of my photography, visit my Photography page.

Find me online (some of these accounts get more use than others):

LinkedInTwitterFlickrTumblr • Pinterest

Contact me:

Feel free to email me at rebecca.mckinsey@gmail.com.

About the site:

This site currently serves mainly as a portfolio and resume, but I do blog on occasion, although months (or years) might pass between posts. You might find writing here about absolutely anything — a reflection on an article I wrote, a post about a photo I took or saw, an account about an elephant I befriended or a new Josh Groban song I love (I’ll keep those to a minimum), my thoughts on a recent news story or a summary of something interesting I observed during the day.

I blogged about my internship in Israel here.

No matter what stand I take on a topic, and no matter how much I know about something, my greatest wish is that I’ll be seen as someone who cares. I hope that through humility, humor and sometimes-unavoidable fumbling, I will provide you with something to think about and the occasional smile.


5 Responses to “Hey there”

  1. Pam Says:

    So good to see you back!!!

  2. Pam Says:

    lol! I replied, so I DID see this! lol!
    It was good to see you yesterday, in person and everything!

  3. Rebecca,
    I just read your article about Loew coming out gay. It was so good. I looked forward to each line and the outcome. I’m proud of Loew becoming Homecoming King. His peers really supported him. I’m more proud of you and your ability to write such a moving account of his life struggles and success.
    I love you, Aunt Mel

  4. MarcusLob Says:

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